Oonagh Harpur
Building trust and integrity in the boardroom

Oonagh Harpur: It's not just the profit you make, but how you make it

Governing values

I have inhabited boardrooms for over twenty years, dealing with high-level challenges within financial and professional services. I have spent 11 years in chief executive roles and worked at the most senior levels.

As a member of the Lord Mayor's initiative to restore trust in the City of London, I led a project with Tomorrow's Company on how boards can better govern values.

Business can create more than economic benefit for itself: it can be a force for good, enabling a world where people can thrive across society.

Towards ethical boardrooms

As a senior advisor to boards, I've worked with both large complex organisations and founder-led entrepreneurial businesses. I've worked in the UK and USA in the energy, health, financial and professional services sectors. A major part of my work is coaching chairmen, CEOs and management teams in leadership.

I work with boards and ethical leaders to navigate the economic, social and environmental challenges of today and tomorrow. These individuals are making tough strategic decisions that will drive both economic performance and social value.

Living your values from the inside out builds trust in the board with all stakeholders and delivers long-term economic value for all.

How I work

Using a range of proven tools and methodologies, I help business leaders find their own vision and create lasting change. This might include facilitating critical discussions and away days, joining special project teams as an advisor or leadership coach.

If you're interested in building trust and integrity, get in touch.